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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Movie Review: Feng Shui

For those of you who don't know, I actually hate horror films. I'm too much of scaredy cat to enjoy them. I was seriously traumatized by Ring you see, and so I'm really supposed to have sworn off horror movies forever. However, I do like watching local films, even the really cheesy ones (I'm actually genuinely regretting never having found the time to see 'Now That I Have You'), mostly just to see what the status of our movie industry is. And that is the only reason I agreed with my sister to watch this movie. Regarding that, I guess it's improved a lot since the Shake, Rattle and Roll days, although I have to say Lotlot De Leon's presence here reminded me a lot of it.

Anyway, the make-up was good, sound effects and musical scoring were fantastic in setting up the atmosphere, and the plot was okay. But everything else was a bit off.

The acting wasn't too good. The inserts of English words into the dialogue just didn't seem natural, or consistent as they were also using deep Tagalog terms, such as "Pakita" instead of "Patingin". Okay, that's not really the best example, but I can't remember everything, and I'm pretty sure you know what I mean.

The surprising parts were surprising and the suspense parts were suspenseful, although I think the ghosts were wee bit too aggressive. I suppose that's so they're scarier, but it kind of lessened the eerie, creepy, shows-up-when-you-least-expect-it moments. And except for the part in the last accident, the cuts in the scenes seemed somewhat wrong in timing, so cinematography was also a bit off.

The story was pretty interesting, with the exception of the supposed history of the cursed object, because I seriously doubt that something that's supposed to be as old as that could've survived history in one piece. I'd much rather have been convinced if they said that it was just a mystery, how it got all cursed and evil, or at least they've made the ghost (which I think is the real reason they came up with background--to have an old female ghost (Sadako, much?) haunting) from not so long ago. But the whole 'Year of the Rabbit' etc. stuff was pretty cool. It was kinda funny how many 'Year of the Horse'-related stuff they could think of without using actual horses. And the complications they thought of for the story to go the way nobody wants it to (as in, the choices Kris Aquino's character had to make to be able to end the curse), was also great. I liked how they used natural occurences (i.e. car crashes, psychotic people, etc.) instead of 'freak accidents' like in Fatal Destination as causes of death. It made everything seem less suspicious and really just a case of bad luck.

All in all, it wasn't completely scary, but at least it wasn't funny like the old films anymore. The ghosts kind of reminded me of the dead people in the Hollywood version of The Ring, so I guess this one's like a combination of the Asian and Western style in horror films (maybe I'd discuss this in detail in later entries).

If there was something that made me think our movie industry's not improving, it would be the fact that the projector in the cinema was screwed up and the movie was interrupted three times. Maybe that contributes to lessening the scary effect, but don't expect me to watch it again just to see if that's true. I told you, I'm very easily scared.

P.S. I was supposed to put a picture (like I do in the other movie reviews), but while I was searching for it in the net, I realized I'd rather not, or I might get scared of visiting my own blog. :P

Posted at 13:41 by miriyammqx

September 28, 2004   05:29 PM PDT
loved the review... small suggestion. title your reviews... wala lang it gives an extra bit of character... like for example... this one could've been called "just a little off"...heheheh see you saturday ida!
Francille Garcia
September 25, 2004   10:06 PM PDT
Yap, I truly got the scare of my life watching "Feng Shui", which has been playing to "SRO" crowds in movie theaters nationwide. It was playing to full jam-packed crowds even in such elite movie houses as Power Plant & Glorietta, both in Makati. I maybe a bit biased, as I'm a great Kris Aquino fan all the way. But surely, this is one solo starrer of Kris that is a cut above the rest, as it rakes in not just the cash, but the accolades as well. In fact, the film is a critical success as much as it is a box-office blockbuster & champion, generating good reviews & overflowing theater attendance from all of society's cross-section. Kudos to Ms. Kris Aquino, Chito Rono & Star Cinema for a gem of a movie in "Feng Shui", a film eagerly anticipated by a multitude of my fellow kababayans in Kuwait, even just through VHS, CD's or DVD's.
September 25, 2004   02:36 PM PDT
ha! wala yan sa wag mo buhayin ang bngkay! starring idol jestoni!
zee rocks
September 23, 2004   04:52 PM PDT
hahaha! sobra, ako rin! hanap ako dpat ng picture ni sadako sa scary movie3 para ilagay sa review, pero shet, naduwag ako wahahaha! loser!

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